ImageI don’t much like running at night. You can’t see very much. Obviously (see photo of Roath Park lake at night). What with it being night, there is also much stronger chance of being attacked by zombies. And I really like listening to music whilst I run, but I’m well aware that doing this at night really does cut down your awareness of other people, traffic, cyclists and approaching zombies. Tonight, I compromised by turning the volume down a little. 

I really do need to update the playlist – I’ve been listening to the same tracks for over a year. Lily Allen is for the chop, but I won’t be losing the ska. Derrick & Patsy helped me up Fairoak hill this evening with this little number. 

So three runs complete – all gentle 4-milers.  The nasty calf muscles are tight, but not screaming. However, the eating hasn’t come under any more control. New York Deli (meatball grinder) and Waterloo Tea Gardens (cake) today, not mention the Christmas cake currently giving me the eye in the kitchen, whilst the remaining Penderyn mumbles loudly in the cupboard about an unfinished conversation. 

Today’s vital statistics:

Run: 4 miles round Roath by night. Easy pace, no real problems

Spotted: Not very much as it was dark. Lots of fellow January joggers; a civil servant eating  food in a parked car; streetlights twinkling on Roath lake.


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  1. I might venture the opinion that you get stanger with each passing day…. but then I remember the Holyhead thing and it al makes more sense.

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