The run that’s no fun

ImageSometimes there’s a training run that feels just horrible from start to finish. Like celery, it is seemingly pointless, an enemy to common sense and generally unpleasant and without fun or colour. But, hopefully, it does you some good. That was tonight’s run. The run home from work is never a fun one. It tends to be dark, traffic is heavy (on the road and pavement), it is all uphill and there’s a bag to strap to your back as well. But, with the rest of life getting in the way, turning your necessary commute into a daily exercise does kill two birds with one stone. 

And as if the early evening wasn’t packed with enough anti-fun, the spectre of injury visited our door this evening. Quite literally. Our good friend Sarah, tonight’s babysitter, turned up on crutches having done something unmentionable to her heel during netball practise. Nothing doing for 5-6 weeks at least. Nightmare. I remember what it was like when my calf finally exploded in the last few weeks before the marathon last year, the frustration and despair is pretty total. You read a lot about the depression professional sports people go through during injury – and that must be much worse – that’s their life and livelihood. But, actually having taken a concious decision as a normal non-sporty type to get fit, make progress, feel that kick of doing something active – and having that nicked away from you… its pretty horrible. But, all things pass and whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Get better soon Sarah. I’m off to heed your warning and stretch my calf muscles before bed. 

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 4 miles, plus extra mile of intervals. Slow 4 miles was tedious and heavy going. Sprints actually a relief.

Spotted: flashing lights, blinking pink from a young girl’s trainers, sprinting hard in the gloom on the Howard Gardens running machine; an angry but effective litter-picker; workers walking home huddled under useless umbrellas unable to shelter them from thick, boring mist. 

Music: Still need to update the playlist, but tonight I was most thankful to Arcade Fire’s Rebellion (Lies) – which came on just as a I spotted those girl’s trainers lighting up in the dark. One of those moments where life becomes a film. 

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