99 bottles of beer on the wall…

ImageIt is 99 days until the London Marathon. That really isn’t very long. And, as with last year, the realisation has started to dawn that raising £2000 and trying to get fit enough to run 26 miles are not actually easy tasks…

These were the rather large, rather obvious worries rattling around an otherwise very empty head as I plodded out the door at 6.30am this morning. Difficult to say what was weighing more heavily, the mere 1% of money raised so far, or the plethora of aches and pains around my calfs and ankles.

Still it was a beautiful, cold, clear winter morning to be out running, so I didn’t stay down for long – and I did take it very easy on these dodgy legs. In the time I was out it went from proper night-time dark, with a healthy city sprinkling of stars, to that pure, clean looking dark blue of dawn.

It is the weekend long run tomorrow, very slow and lots of stretching.

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 4miles slow from Heath to Canton, worrying array of aches and pains around the calf muscles. 

Spotted: the people that make the morning tick – florists, butchers, newsagents already up, open and ready for business; three pairs of high-vis clad, hard-hatted workmen walking to site; a lone, ownerless poodle sniffing alongside the Taff.

Donations: gratefully received for Get Kids Going! 

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