Back in the swing

A disjointed week, but finally back on the road. After Monday’s trip to the treatment table, a couple of days recovery required. Lots of deep (painful) work done on the calf muscles, and ready to rumble again.

Hill sprints in the dark and below zero temperatures to start the day, which actually felt quite good. To start with. Truth be told, by the fifth and final sprint I felt like I was wading through treacle in a diving suit. And not in a good way. Five mile run home, again without too much trouble, and it feels like things are back on track. Thursday is another rest day.

Caught up with some interesting blogs over the weekend, lots of people out there with the running bug. Great to read about real people passionately pursuing goals that would seem modest to proper athletes, but which are absolutely life changing for the individuals concerned. This is what I love so much about the parkrun initiative which has spread like wildfire across the UK, it caters for everyone, and has helped so many people. Definitely heading to the Cardiff run this weekend.

Today’s vital statistics

Run: hill sprints in the morning 5x20s; then 5miles home at good pace.

Spotted: another one of those ‘not much, it was dark’ days today: gaggles of cold, shuffling commuters squeezing into freezing bus shelters; three fellow runners, all faster, the sods; a lone, low flying seagull, worrying about the meat on Caroline Street.

Music: Gogol Bordello’s Baro Foro helped me home. Sometimes, only gypsy punk will do.


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  1. Proud of you mate, sounds pretty hard but satisfying what you are doing.

    The blog, specially the writing, is pretty compelling. Keep it up man!

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