Cool runnings

ImageWhen I finally did pluck up the courage to go running today, it was by accident really. It had got to tea time, and I’d not been out (apart from snowman building duties). I had pretty much given up on the idea of trying to run. I decided to head to the shop to indulge in some light panic buying (actually we did need some milk, honest) and a few yards into the snow, it just looked too good to resist.

So off I went, in my hiking boots, hat, gloves and great big coat into Heath Park. And it was great. Absolutely beautiful, dead quiet and inspiring. Straight into my top five runs I’ve ever done I reckon. The park looked vast, dark, devoid of people and covered in a thick blanket of snow. To think, I almost didn’t run through it. What a waste that would have been.

Today’s vital statistics:

Run: Roughly 4 miles of circuits round Heath Park and up to Whitchurch Rd. Pace was slow, due to the snow and heavy clothing, but felt good.

Spotted: Teenagers remembering to be children, messing about in the snow; a variety of snowmen in various states of disrepair; a woman sat cross-legged in her living room, watching telly and sucking her thumb; a student waiting nervously for their bank balance at a cash machine – judging by the yelp, it didn’t go well.

Sponsorship: Lots of promises, not many donations… If you can spare a couple of quid it would mean a great deal to the folks at Get Kids Going – a great charity that helps disabled young people get into sport.

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