No running, no blogging, no nothing

The blog has been quiet, because my feet have been still. Too still. Last weekend’s runs took their toll and I couldn’t have run until Wednesday, I don’t think. But, more crucially, I’ve also been a one-man childcare machine this week. Alongside work, this has left no time to pound the pavement. Sadly, that time is at an end, and I now have no more excuses for not getting back to it!

A few miles required tonight, and then my first proper race of the training calendar – the Liswerry 8 – which takes place on Sunday morning. It is a funny sort of distance, 8 miles. I think an hour is the time to aim for to finish in the top half, judging by last year’s results. Don’t think I’m capable of that just at the moment. Under an hour and ten minutes, and more importantly, injury free – and I’ll be delighted.

Because I’ve noticed American readers pop by time to time, and I know how you like a bit of Celtic history/folklore… I should mention that today is Dydd Santes Dwynwen in Wales, or St Dwynwen’s Day. Saint Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers, though her story is a sad one and she spent most of her life alone. So really, she should be the patron saint of runners!  Her father, King Brycheiniog, is meant to have had a manor house near Liswerry, where we are running on Sunday. 

More sponsorship rolling in – god bless family!

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