Last run in January

7.5 miles done tonight. Tomorrow is a rest day, so I can look back on a month of running that I’m pretty proud of. I missed three scheduled training runs, but this is still the heaviest weight of miles I’ve ever completed in a calendar month. Perhaps tried to up the gears a little too quickly at the start. Need to learn to listen to my legs a bit more, and worry less about sticking religiously to the schedule. Certainly that 13 miler in the snow knocked me for six last week!

Really pleased with the Lliswerry 8 run, as I hadn’t done much pace work recently, and that was a lot quicker than I thought I’d go. So farewell, January. Thanks for the muscle memories. Let’s see how February goes.

January’s vital statistics

Distance run: 92.9 miles

Time spent running: 13.25 hrs

Calories burned: 12,602

Money raised: £265

Spotted on tonight’s run: an explosion of running clubs doing their thing round Roath lake (will I join one, ever? I may); splendidly, faultlessly polite motorists allowing me to cross roads without breaking stride; a man with a real swingy walk, almost impossible to avoid his windmilling arms; a battered football, sadly abandoned, never to be kicked again.

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