Six Nation Army

millennium stadiumIf every run could be like this morning’s long run round Cardiff, training would be the easiest thing in the world. With Cardiff gearing up to host the first Six Nations match this morning, the whole city looked like it was dressed up for a tourism video shoot of epic proportions. The Taff was abuzz with row boats, cyclists and runners took over the early morning part of the city, and as the rugby fans started appearing they cheered us on our run. The sunshine helped – as did the company, thanks, Chris!

13 miles from Heath, down through Roath, Adamsdown, Cardiff Bay, across the Barage and back up along the Taff Trail and through Bute Park, it couldn’t have been a better morning for it. Open blue skies, early morning sunshine and seven degrees on the thermometer. It was one of those rare runs, when it was a simple pleasure to be out there. My nipples are in absolute agony now, mind. And not in a good way. Chaffing. Urgh.

Today’s picture is, obviously, the Millennium Stadium. The sunshine breaking over the top neatly summed up the pre-tournament optimism, that how ever often we try to dampen, is always in overdrive by now.

So, run done. Time for fun.

Today’s vital statistics:

Run: 13 miles in good pace, well under 2hr half-marathon.

Spotted: Cardiff at its absolute best, being gently tickled into life by early morning sun; rugby fans in hotel restaurants, piling buffet breakfasts high onto little plates; the barrage providing a home to runners, walkers, cyclists; a flotilla of row boats – one man, four man, eight woman – all making the river look ever so tranquil and conquerable; red-shirted couples cheering us on down the Taff Trail “you’ve lost the ball, never mind, go for it!”

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