Busy, Busy, Busy

ImageBusy, busy, busy… Last week in work for a week, so been rushing about trying to tie up loose ends. Did find time for Wednesday’s run – just no time to blog about it. Was a really nice paced 6 miles from home, down the Taff Trail, through the park and into work. Feels so much better running in, than it does running home. The world hasn’t had chance to catch up with you, and it helps running down to the Bay. The water’s edge normally provides you with a nice vista (like this one of the Norwegian Church) to aim for – and obviously its all down hill. 

The legs are holding out pretty well this week, definitely benefiting from missing Monday’s run – and possibly from the foam roller! I have developed incredibly itchy shins and calves in recent days though. Is that a thing? What’s that all about? Will try googling it, but I assume I will instantly find a site saying my legs are about to fall off. Need to find time to fit in five miles today – may be running round the park at midnight…

Have also, finally, managed to nail down some details for a fundraiser I’m holding with my friend, Huw – who is running his first London Marathon in April. We’re holding a curry night (plus quiz and raffle) on March 6th in the Empire Indian on Albany Rd, Cardiff. Fancy a ticket? They are £20 (all profits to charity and you get a free meal, raffle ticket and quiz entry). You can book a place by emailing: mattgreenough@gmail.com 


Wednesday’s vital statistics

Run: 6miles down Taff Trail to the Bay; sub 8m15s per mile. 

Spotted: a very empty Bute Park, with litter pickers outnumbering walkers; a more turbulent Taff, burbling and moaning; the Millennium Stadium under heavy skies, still sulking after Saturday’s loss; two football fields rammed full of seagulls, I often wondered where they lived and Cardiff Bay, reluctantly bustling into life. 

Music: I am one of possibly only 9 people in South Wales under the age of 50 who listens to country music, without irony, for enjoyment. Not sure why this helps me run but it does: Anna Lee by Levon Helm (this version is live from country music’s citadel, the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville).

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