Torre Pacheco

20130212-182156.jpg This running lark is definitely a lot easier under blue skies with a cool breeze. 6 more miles of intervals under the belt this evening. Felt ok, though weighed down slightly by the larger-than-average meat intake in recent days.

Ran out through the small town of Torre Pacheco this evening. I’d not researched it much before heading through, but I’m guessing that in guide book terms it would be classified as ‘unremarkable’… I think I caught it just as it was awaking from siesta time to be fair, and I didn’t stray too far off the beaten track. Outside of town, plenty of intensive farming to be witnessed – as far as the eye could see in some directions.

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 6.2 miles including 7 fast half-mile intervals.

Spotted: a big bus looming ominously over fruit pickers, ready to take them back to who knows where; a town shaking off siesta time and re-opening tired doors and sleepy shutters; a bilingual school quiet and empty; a lone cyclist doing that thing with a plastic bag hanging precariously off one handle bar; pylons rising from scorched earth, waiting for a modern day Don Quixote to tilt at them too; oh and sunshine – did I mention the sunshine?

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