Bye Bye Beer, Hello Foam Roller

beerAs post-holiday runs go, today’s long run round Cardiff was actually pretty good. The sun was shining, it felt more like spring than winter. A gentle re-introduction into everyday life. More gentle I suspect than the contents of the 400+ emails flashing away on my blackberry.

In a rather late bid to observe lent (surely if you merely observe lent, all you’ve got to do is watch it go by, possibly whilst eating a chocolate mountain and drinking wine through a straw?) I have decided to give up beer until after the marathon. Not alcohol, mark you, I’m not a sadist, but beer is off the menu. Hopefully this will help me lose a few more pounds before the Marathon.

Since taking up running I’ve encountered a lot of sayings and phrases designed to encourage, inspire and make you think: “no matter how slow you run, you are faster than your couch” – or, “it isn’t a matter of running to get fit anymore, its about getting fit enough to run” – even Oprah has one: “running is a great metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” Unless you cheat, she might have pointed out to Lance. But, the advice I sorely needed about 15 years ago was a little bit more prosaic: “If you stop drinking so much beer and eating so many pies, you’d be less fat and a bit better at sport.” I can hear the world’s t-shirt sellers whirring into action as we speak…

So no beer, but yes, more foam roller action. The words “foam roller” definitely conjure up something more fun than something that is actually just a roller made of foam. As ever, the good people at Runner’s World have a handy page of tips to get the most out of your roller!

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 15.4miles in 2hrs12min – first ten miles felt good, last five everything tightened up a bit.

Spotted: Cardiff all of a bustle making the most of the winter sun; runners, walkers, cyclists, canoeists, footballers, rowers all in a blaze of colour doing their weekend thing; a crazed 4yr old tricyclist clearly trying to break some kind of record by running me off the road; three of the BIGGEST dogs I’ve ever seen, one was an Irish wolfhound, the other two were half bear.

Music: It was a perfect morning to hear a track from First Days of Spring by  Noah and the Whale – Love of an Orchestra is a good one.

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