Got Rhythm? No. No, I haven’t.

An hour of intervals running home this evening was hard work. Apart from anything else, doing 12 short bursts of quick running, then two minutes of slow plodding can become confusing to someone with a poor memory, no sense of rhythm and who can be easily… oh look, a bus. At the best of times I can find myself, without noticing, drifting down to ambling pace one minute, then going like the clappers the next without having made any conscious decisions. 

Anyhow, by hook or by crook, I managed over 8 miles in the end – mostly remembering when I should be stepping on the accelerator. As usual with the evening run, energy levels weren’t up to scratch and once I’d dealt with post-bath, pre-bed, truculent toddler tantrums I was pretty much finished for the day. One definite bright note from the evening run home was the lighter skies, we are definitely moving out of winter and into spring. With just a hint more illumination, those taking an evening walk around Roath lake seemed more cheery than furtive. Even the geese seemed less annoying. Slowly, surely, it seems another winter is survived. 

Although doing intervals is fairly new for me, I think adding a bit of variation has definitely helped ease the strain on my calf muscles. Some sprints (loosest possible interpretation), hill work, foam rolling (still not as fun as it sounds) and replacing one run per week with a swim… it feels like it is working. I’m better prepared than this time last year, so I’m chuffed about that. 


Today’s vital statistics

Run: 8.2 miles in 1hr11mins (Nelson! Hop on one leg!)

Spotted: a very considerate driver of a Welsh National Opera van, who insisted I cross a junction ahead of him (no Mephistopheles, he); a flailing runner failing to keep their dog under control, or vice versa, it wasn’t clear; the world’s coolest 9 year-old, sporting a straw boater, in zero degrees, on a school trip – go for it young man; an early evening moon and sprinkle of stars dusting a dark, but not black, night sky. 

Music: Conquering Ruler by Derrick Morgan – probably added a swagger to my already confused running style. But, what a tune! 

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