The Agony and the Eggstasy

If you are enjoying reading this blog, please think about sponsoring me to run the London Marathon. I am running for Get Kids Going, who do great work with disabled children and young people, helping them to participate in sport. I’m running to raise money for them, and I’m writing to help keep me running! Or… if you live in Cardiff, please email me for details for the fundraiser curry night on March 6th. 

Now, back to the blog… 

The moment I declined to join Chris on his 7.30am run yesterday morning, as I fancied a bit of a lie in, it was clear what would happen. And, with all the certainty of a Catholic being the next pope, my daughter woke up at 6 on the dot, very ready for breakfast. An hour and a half later I was running alongside Chris and his sister-in-law, Rhian, doing what has been affectionately entitled, the ‘north Cardiff loop’.

With equal predictability, since I wrote about spring starting to fight off winter, the temperature has remained at a fairly steady zero. Sorry about that. And to complete the hat-trick of fate being tempted… after starting to finally believe I could run injury free between now and the marathon… whether it was the morning cold, the long hill at the start, or the pace, my angry calf muscles roared back to life today and reminded me exactly who’s boss.

After 15.5 miles, I decided to walk/jog the last half mile home, as I really felt as though something unpleasant was about to happen. 24hrs on an I’m still hobbling quite badly, so I think there’s a few frustrating days on the sidelines ahead. Stupid legs. Why don’t they just do what I tell them to do? London Marathon is 8 weeks today. Hopefully that is still plenty of time to get fixed up and plenty more miles under the belt.

ImageCalf problems aside, it was good to have company again on the long run as it makes the time fly by so much quicker. Though a brief mention of a fried egg sandwich after about 4 miles was to stay firmly lodged in the back of my mind, until I limped into the kitchen a couple of hours later and got busy with the frying pan. 

A fried egg sarnie and a mug of tea is a treat at the best of times, but after 15 miles running  in the freezing cold, this tasted almost life-changingly good!



Saturday’s Vital Statistics:

Run: 15.6 miles in 2hrs16m

Spotted: the same digital road sign which measured us at 6mph in the snow – managed to post 14mph this time (flat out); empty Saturday morning streets, the cold keeping people indoors for an extra hour or two; Chris hopping over walls and darting through bushes for pit stops after over-hydrating before the run (yes, I said PIT stops).

Sponsorship: £418 raised – £1582 to go!

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