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boatLong time, no blog. No excuses really, I’ve been out for three runs this week after last Saturday’s trip down memory lane and work has been slightly less mad, so I should have blogged before now. I’ll whisper it; I’m quite pleased with myself after this week’s running (someone’s got to be). I managed 19 miles yesterday, comfortably my longest run of the year. And whilst it was a slowish pace – just outside 9min miles – I didn’t actually feel like I was going to die at any point.

It was good to have Chris’ company again, during the long run. And on distance he outdid me, going over two important psychological barriers – the 20 miles mark and 3hrs running. Well done, him!

So, whilst my walking has been interesting over the last 24hours, crucially all I can feel is general aches and fatigue – no injuries, tears or pulls. Happy days. Saturday’s long run came after 5 miles of intervals at the start of the week; a recovery swim midweek and a 7 mile run round the Bay on Thursday morning (boat pic).

This week I also bought some compression recovery socks, and some calf guards/tights for running in. I’ve no idea whether they are to thank for this week of largely pain-free running, whether they have a placebo effect, or what. All I know is that if it is a coincidence, it is a very happy one. The world of compression was really beyond my ken until I posted a(nother) miserable complaint on facebook about my ongoing calf battles – and an old friend, veteran of many a marathon, said recovery socks were the way to go. I figured I had nothing to lose.

I bought my Asics recovery socks at Amazon; and my Skins calf tights at Moti in Cardiff. Very many thanks to the staff member at Moti who talked me through the ins and outs of compression – a fellow calf complainant himself he swore by the socks, and I was sold immediately. Now, between the running and the recovery, I’ve barely had the socks or tights off over the last week.

As ever with this blog, I don’t claim to know what I’m talking about… but my early impression about compression, is that it works. For me. It makes the muscles feel more stable, stronger and supported. And the calf muscles were unquestionably less sore after the 19miles than before any previous long run. So, thanks Simon and thanks Moti.

There’s an article here about compression and recovery socks that looks at some of the science, and there’s a lot of discussion on Runner’s World forums and elsewhere. But, if you are minded to buy and try, I found 2 minutes talking to an expert in a running shop better than 30 mins browsing the web.

This week’s vital statistics

Running: Sat: 19miles in 2hrs51m; Thurs: 6.10miles in 53mins; Tues 5.85miles in 48mins

Spotted: This is the huge disadvantage of a round-up blog, I can barely remember a thing I saw. A water-skier in the Bay on Saturday, that was odd as it was freezing cold. And a boat called Rhubarb – the name of which I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed had I not listened to the obituary of Bob Godfrey the night before – he created Roobarb & Custard, as well as a whole host of other things.

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  1. Great long run and pace. I use compression socks for recovery but not to run like you no idea if they work but they feel good !

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