Sick and Tired

bayThis has been the week of two steps forward, one step back. After delighting in my injury-free state after the 19 miler last weekend, I almost immediately got hit by illness.

Sat under several layers of blankets and shivering uncontrollably was not what I had in mind for Monday and Tuesday. Missed Cardiff City’s home game, not to mention my daughter’s first parents’ evening. I should have put those the other way round, right?

Anyhow, I have also missed a week’s worth of running – except the intervals I managed yesterday morning on a sunny, serene Spring morning in Cardiff Bay. That seems like a long time ago now. I can hear the rain lashing against the windows, and things at work got rather more interesting than I expected. Serene it wasn’t! Health-wise, I’m feeling a lot better, but seem to have been left with a cold. Annoying and tiring, but not life-threatening.

Thursday’s intervals were good. Five lots of 0.62miles with 90second slow jogging in-between. Managed to go under 8-minute miles for all the fast intervals, which felt like a nice healthy pace.

This weekend’s focus is pace too. Heading out to do a half marathon distance at good speed – hopefully with Chris and Rhian. I’ve then got to factor in one giant 20+ miler at some point in the next two weeks, and then I can actually start tapering down towards the Marathon! Is it really only five weeks away? How did that happen…

Yesterday’s vital statistics

Run: 5.77 miles in 47min55sec

Spotted: a squadron of cyclists bombing over the barrage, all swarmed around a small, confused car; a motorboat cutting an elegant swathe through the unnaturally still Bay; an annoying crane parked in the middle of my running path, forcing me into a slightly sinister alley.

Sponsorship: Finally got round to hassling my work colleagues this week, and they have been very generous indeed. Total is now at £568 with a few weeks to go.

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