Half Measures

ImageAfter last week’s long run, I had always planned to drop the distance this week. And aiming to do a half-marathon at ‘race pace’, as the jargon goes, seemed like a good compromise. I was out running with Chris, and he was really keen to see what sort of speed he was capable of over a medium distance. Seems funny now describing 13 miles as a medium distance. I don’t think either of use would have talked in those terms a couple of years back, when a walk from Ninian Park to the Goat Major was our main source of exercise. Possibly with a stop in the Westgate.

Beery memories aside for a moment, we got lucky with the conditions. The rain, which had hammered down non-stop for 24hrs cleared up ten minutes before we set off and we were actually more in need of shades and sunblock than the rain jackets we were both wearing. Although we both had moments where our pace drifted, or legs tightened up, we completed 13.1 miles in 1hr48m which is good going for me – and amazing for Chris, a full ten minutes off his Cardiff Half Marathon time from October. I feel like Steve Ovett knowing that Coe is coming to take over… 

The running tights again did the business, and since buying them, I’ve noticed how many other runners use them. Totally passed me before now. Everything feels tired, and I don’t think I’ve kicked the cold yet – in bed by 9pm last night, rock and roll! But, no twists, pulls or worrying niggles to report. 

I’m now off to collapse like an English scrum (maybe) in the face of a Welsh onslaught (maybe). Six Nations decider. Bring it on.

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 14.2 miles in 1hr58mins – including 13.1miles in 1hr48mins

Spotted: Only one thing that matters today – the Millennium Stadium, where the Six Nations will be decided in a few hours time. 

Music: Off to Manchester tomorrow to see Eels – so it has to be this.

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