Cool Runnings. Again.


Snow, sleet, gale force winds and sub zero temperatures – it must be Springtime! Being away with work plus barmy weather… it has not been the most conducive time to be out running. So I was chuffed to get out early, before work and do a serious shift of 14.5miles today. The legs have held up pretty well, though those troublesome calf muscles are starting to talk back again. And much like my young daughter, their favourite new phrase seems to be “no way, daddy.”

Today’s run was an out and back up the Taff Trail, up as far as Castell Coch. It’s a nice run, if a little steep as you get up to the Castle itself. Although this morning was chilly, it didn’t really compare with the apocalyptic conditions I tried to run through in Llandudno on Saturday (top pic).

I actually thought I was going to get blown off my feet at one point as I scrambled across the prom. Ah, well. It’s all miles in the legs. And there really isn’t long to go now. One monster run still required and then it’s time to taper!


Today’s vital statistics

Run: 14.5miles in 2hrs10mins

Spotted: A steady stream of cyclists winding down the Taff Trail to work; a man with such an eccentric joyous, running style I felt sure he had a cheery hello in him, be didn’t; the green, flat, full waters of the Taff; the short, steep hill up to Castell Coch deserted in the early morning light and bus stops full of cold, chattering commuters, waiting.

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