Running for charity & running for Cardiff.

ImageAfter some inevitable delay and consternation, Huw and I finally managed to organise our curry night fundraiser. A massive thank you to everyone who came along. We packed out the restaurant and everyone was exceptionally generous, with their money and time. In all we raised £350 each for Get Kids Going and for Guide Dogs.

The food put on by the Empire Balti was really excellent, and I think everyone went home fatter & happier – and in some cases with some excellent raffle prizes too. Eat to Win: it is rapidly becoming my new motto.

The curry night helped me across the threshold of £1000 raised for this year’s Marathon. I’m chuffed with that, but I’m only half way to my target, so still scratching around for other ideas. Anyone need a badly bruised toe? I know from talking to other charity runners that raising money with just a few weeks to go before the big race can become quite tough going; harder even than piling up the training miles on the road. At least you can control your running, with fundraising you really do rely on the goodwill of family, friends and strangers.

And on that note, in addition to my other fundraising efforts, I’ve replicated something I did last year – which is to write to the 26 (mostly small, independent) businesses and organisations in Cardiff that mean something to me, asking for their support. It started with the notion of writing to local places who I thought might have a few bob spare, but then it evolved into asking for support by appealing to those places I think make Cardiff what it is. I had a fairly good response last year, and again this year, it has proven well worth doing. A particular highlight has been this message (abridged) from Harriett who runs the New York Deli in town:

Huge good luck… let your body find its own pace and think about the things that really piss you off when you are struggling between 19 and 24! Make an angry list and the miles will go!

Ha! How cool is that? Trouble is, my list is so long, I think I will have to enter an ultra-Marathon to get it done.

Other people have been really generous too, not least Erjan at OsteoRelief, who has kept me in one piece through the last few years of knee trouble, and then again during this daft running odyssey on which I have now embarked.

So thanks one and all who have supported Get Kids Going so far this year, by backing me to run the marathon. I’ve run myself into the ground getting this far, now I just hope I make it round and do you proud on the day. And, if you feel the urge…


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  1. Do you have time to do a quiz night with raffle ? Our club members did one raising over £2,000.

  2. Hi Zoe, yes we did a quiz night alongside the raffle, but it was more for fun than anything. We figured we’d asked enough of people with ticket price etc. Sounds like you have an amazing club! Our next step is a car boot sale this weekend.

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