More miles run, more money raised

ImageI’ve never done a car boot sale before. I think the distant memory of having all my 1980s sports videos sold at one, shortly after I left for university, has coloured my view. But, in an attempt to up the fundraising, I spent all yesterday morning with friends, hawking bits and bobs to the world’s friendliest punters at Splott market. It was a lot of fun – once the temperature went above zero; and once the serious traders let us get our heads together.

We might as well have arrived in a pink Cadillac with neon signs screaming “newbies”. As we sputtered into our designated place, the pros surrounded our car with shouts of requests for what they wanted from us. Apparently my claim that it was a bit like a scene out of Mad Max was an exaggeration, but I was short of sleep, and shorter still of an answer to exactly how much I was willing to sell my PlayStation2 for. Luckily, experienced car booters (?) Luke and Carys arrived just in time to save Huw and I from flogging all our stock for a quid.

With a hot coffee and massive breakfast roll (pictured) inside us the day turned out to be a belter. We flogged a load of stuff, had a good laugh and bought 10 sirloin steaks for £10. ImageMy absolute favourite moment came when we sold a tie which depicted Michelangelo’s “David” in all his naked glory. “Will you take 20p for the tie with man’s c**k out?” Yes. Yes we will. The copies of Clive Woodward’s biography didn’t sell nearly as well…

Back to the running. Managed to get out for 11 miles out and back up the Taff Trail this afternoon. Tried to up the pace a little, but didn’t find a lot in my legs until the last half hour. It was probably the warmest run of the year, down to running top and no waterproof or running jacket in sight. However, I’ve preempted spring so many times already on this blog I will keep schtum for now. Legs feel a bit bashed about, and as every little niggle now takes on potential cataclysmic significance it is easy to get overly paranoid. What will be, will be.

Today’s vital statisitics

Run: 11miles in 1hr34min

Spotted: an avalanche of cyclists buzzing down the Taff Trail, taking in their Sunday ride; a junior football match, where the centre-forward was doing that thing all centre-forwards do, bemoaning a lack of service whilst standing still; an orange-hatted fisherman waist deep in the river tangling with lines, water and nature – not sure who was winning.

Fundraising: £1195 – with Gift Aid that’s £1460. Good going, but still aiming for £2000! 

Song: Anyone remember this?

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