This time next week…

If all goes according to plan (big IF), this time next week I should be somewhere near the London Marathon’s 22 mile mark, where the Get Kids Going supporters will be cheering me home! I will also be, if the weather forecast is right, very hot.

Having trained in ice, snow and temperatures hovering around zero for much of the winter/spring, I’m a little bit worried to learn that temperatures could get up to 20C next week. Last year’s 16C was plenty warm enough. Ah well, there’s some things you can control and the weather isn’t one of them. Apparently I need to look into electrolytes. 

I’m just back from my last long(ish) run, 7 miles round Cardiff. I went a little bit quicker than my planned pace for next week, but everything felt ok and I’m back in one piece.

Cardiff Park Run 270 - 13th April 2013Yesterday, relieved of the need to put in a mammoth run this weekend, I ran the Cardiff ParkRun for the first time in ages. It was great to be back, and the light drizzle didn’t keep anyone away. The huge field of 450 runners is easily the biggest group I’ve run with on a Saturday morning. I managed a respectable 21m42s for the 5k, my second fastest time. It was tricky to judge the pace, as I’m not used to running (relatively) quickly, but I was certainly aided by the fact that I am a good half stone lighter than the last time I ran it. I’ve written elsewhere about how brilliant the ParkRun initiative is. If you are interested in starting running, I don’t think there is a better way to get started. Many thanks to NiallS for allowing to share one of his flickr pics from the run. You can see the rest of his photos here.

The week ahead is going to be a little odd. No walking under ladders, or stepping on cracks. Two gentle runs planned, and a final visit to the osteo on Thursday and then game time!

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 6.95 miles in 58m35s

Spotted: not one, but many hosts of golden daffodils adding welcome sparks of colour to drab, drizzly morning; a riot of runners scattered across Roath, sprinting, huffing, puffing, gliding or stumbling their way through their own Sunday morning religion; my daughter, Ella, covered in pasta and giving me a wave hello from her “special chair” as I stumbled back through our gate.

Sponsorship: The money is still coming in – thanks so much! £1385 raised (£1697.50 with Gift Aid) – still a way to go to get to £2000…

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