Non, je ne regrette rien

ImageAlthough I’m pretty proud of the training I’ve completed over the last few months, there’s a few things I promised myself I’d do before the Marathon, which I’ve not done. 

  1. I haven’t run a competitive Half Marathon this year – all dates clashed.
  2. I haven’t had anyone look at how I run, or bought a new pair of trainers. I think these ones have one last trip in them, but I’m starting to have a recurring nightmare where I’m hopping around the seven mile marker, shouting to the crowd “Can I buy a pair of size 9 from someone?”
  3. I didn’t ask for my charity running shirt to be delivered to the house, so I could practice running in it. I will be picking it up on Saturday morning, and running in it for the first time in the Marathon.
  4. I didn’t fully explore a few more fundraising ideas I had – like doing random good deeds or promoting a bidding war for what shirt I’d wear on the day.
  5. I didn’t do much hill work. I didn’t plan it that way, but whilst I kept up my sprint intervals, the hills just didn’t really happen.
  6. I haven’t – yet – hit my fundraising target of £2000. But, I am mighty close.
  7. I haven’t – quite – managed to go alcohol free for the fortnight leading up to the run. For this, I blame Cardiff City

That isn’t a list of heinous crimes. At least, not in my book. There may be some semi-serious runners reading this, throwing sports drinks at their computer, or shaking with skinny laughter. But, it could be much worse. And, as Edith sang, je ne regrette rien. And until I do the thing that really matters – finish the bloody 26.2 miles on Sunday – none of it really counts for anything.

Today’s picture, of The Helwick, comes from the finishing spot of my final pre-Marathon run. A swift 5 miles in the howling wind, round Cardiff Bay this morning. 

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 5.26 miles in 43m44s

Spotted: a yellow boat load of thrillseekers, bouncing across a windswept Cardiff Bay; little white clouds scudding across a welcoming deep blue sky; smiling fellow runners, feeling the bond on a day to be outdoors.


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  1. Good luck for Sunday, Matt! Fingers crossed it all goes well for you and that you run like the wind! 🙂

  2. All the best fella – what’s your vest number? I’m just going to your charity page now to add a few quid 🙂

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