Juneathon – seemed like a good idea this morning!

ImageInspired by John over at the Fit for a year blog (which is a great read), I decided this morning that giving Juneathon a go would be a good incentive to run – and blog more. How could it not; the simple essentials behind successfully completing Juneathon are to run every day in the month of June and blog it too. You can read more about the hows, wheres and whys here. However, two minutes in to my first run of the month my knee started killing me. I know the problem isn’t my knee, it is my quad muscle which has got all knotted up, but the pain is absolutely in the knee. I struggled through a fairly slow 5k – but the chances of running every day are looking VERY remote. I think a few days lay up are inevitable. But, what the hell. Even if I’m blogging about not running, it will keep me honest in my endeavors to get out of the door whenever I can.

So for the record, this morning, Day 1, I ran 3.17 miles in 26mins54sec. It was a hot, sunny morning and I apologise for the agonised smile I gave to everyone I passed. Probably seemed a bit weird. Oh, I also ran from a cricket match to pick up a curry. My knee hurt then too…


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  1. Hey Mat, thanks for the mention! Sorry to hear about your knee, the rules say that any physical activity counts, which is good news because I dont think I could run every day. I mean, I could run every day, but I think my knees would have something to say about it. I’m also doing a 30 day squat challenge as well as plenty of foam rolling.

  2. I too am carrying an annoying injury into #juneathon, and I had to take it easy today to avoid making the pain any worse. If I have to rest a few days between runs then so be it. Yes, strictly speaking I won’t have completed #juneathon as required, but I’m more than happy to go along for the ride, enjoy the efforts of all the other participants, and give support when I can. You’ll be fine I’m sure. Best of luck!

  3. Thanks for the comments both – I am reassured that I can still get something out of juneathon! Done lots of stretching this morning and going to attempt my first ever “hash” run shortly. No idea what to expect, but will blog it later.

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