Running, physio & cricket (Juneathon 3/30)

Only a quick blog tonight to log my third successful run for Juneathon – 4 miles in 32mins this morning on the way to work. The knee felt ok, and even after a day sat at my desk it was holding up alright. However, the trip to the osteopath was pretty painful, the quad and IT band are not happy campers right now. I thought a few weeks of light running might have calmed it all down. Not so it seems. More treatment next week, and shorter, slower runs for the rest of the week.

And as Juneathon is about all forms of exercise, not just running, I should mention the four overs of terrifying pace bowling I delivered tonight (think of a very old man throwing a heavy plate of blancmange). I really wasn’t meant to be playing cricket this evening, but I got the call that our team were short and could I please turn up. They were my first overs since August last year, and although that was frequently evident, I managed to pick up a couple of lucky wickets and we won! And the sun shone. A good end to the day.

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