Juneathon 4/30

20130604-212620.jpgYesterday’s run, plus some heavy duty massage of the IT band, plus the unexpected first cricket outing of the summer added up to some seriously sore muscles today.

So, I took it fairly easy on my run home from work, but still managed to clock up another 4.5 miles for Juneathon. It was a stunning summer’s evening and I was quite happy being out, even though my broken water bottle did sprinkle my shorts in a somewhat compromising way for the first half of the run. Said bottle is now binned.

Spotted on this evening’s run: three women in office clothes heading into Bute Park with a 99p flyaway football; a man kneeling, painting a mural of a bicycle on a junction box; a BBC journalist running too fast for a stop-and-chat; students lazily wandering to the pub enveloped in a post-park, shiny, coconutty haze of aftersun goodness; a river taxi full of a visiting delegation (who or what I know not, but I know a delegation when I see one); a bus-stop full of men rolling cigarettes.

Distance run: 4.6 miles in 40m37sec – slow going, but legs a bit battered and I did have a bag on my back!

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