Week 1 of Juneathon

ImageSo, that’s it for week one. 7 days consecutive running is probably a lifetime best already. And, oddly enough, all the aches and pains I felt right at the start of the week didn’t really shout out at me on tonight’s run, which was the longest of the lot. 

It was a nice run this evening actually. The air was muggy with that cloying end of day summer heaviness, but dotted through with enough drizzle to keep you alive.

Devoid of ipod due to the rain, I set myself a basic tricky target, running from home and up the Taff Trail as far as I could in 31 minutes, and then trying to run home in under 1 hour – so enforcing the magical negative split. I managed it with two seconds to spare, covering 7.45miles in all. A nice strong finish to week 1. 

Juneathon so far:

Runs: 7

Distance: 29.3 miles

Hours running: 4.1

Hardest mile: last night, not starting until gone 10pm.

Best mile: last one home tonight, really pushed it, and the legs said “yes”!

Best run: the fun few miles with the Cardiff Hash House Harriers, I hope I run with them again.

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