Rest Bay Running (Juneathon 8/30)

ImageWell, that couldn’t have been a more pleasant start to week 2 of Juneathon. A gentle 3.5 miles splashing up and down the shallows of Rest Bay in Porthcawl. The weather was perfect, with the heat being taken out of the sun by a gentle breeze. I was tempted to throw myself in and go for a quick swim, but I’m obviously getting a bit wimpy in my old age and decided staying ankle deep in the water was just fine.

Having a two-year old in the house means getting out of the door by 9am isn’t difficult, so when we arrived at Rest Bay we were one of the first families there, in fact it felt eerily quiet as we picked our way over rocks and through the pools the fast retreating tide had left behind. By the time we left at lunchtime, there were hundreds of people buzzing around. Such is the size of the beach, it never feels too crowded though.

Today’s vital statistics

Run: 3.5 miles in 34 minutes (barefoot on sand)

Spotted: three couples dotted around the furthest stretch of beach in search of solitude – none of them expected a plodding, panting, splashing North Walian to interrupt their quiet time; an occasional white plume of smoke appearing over the rocks as a reminder of the real world away from the seaside; a young boy looking happier than a Christmas elf at the sheer simple joy of being at the beach.


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  1. Well done so far and good luck for the rest of Juneathon.

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