Running Around Rihanna (Juneathon 10/30)

A rather massive modern cultural fail on the run home from work this evening. With the ICC Champions Trophy in full swing, my heart skipped a beat watching a bunch of kids walking towards town draped in the Barbados flag. That’s great I thought, not only are people taking an interest in West Indian cricket, but good to see the island flags out in full force too. Only on hearing a couple of girls chatter enthusiastically about David Guetta, did I remember that Rihanna, the most famous Barbadian on the planet, was in town. Oops.

Ah well, a cricket romantic can dream.

Despite having to weave in and out of the gig-goers, the run home was pleasant enough. General aches and pains in the legs after 10 days consecutive running, but nothing screaming yet. I managed another 6 miles, taking the long route home, winding through the Bay and up along the River Taff. I did get to see a few games of cricket in the offing as I passed through Pontcanna fields. No sign of Rihanna running in to bowl, however.

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