Born to Run (Juneathon 13/30)

Another tough run tonight, mainly owing to a late night last night. All my own fault. But, The Boss made it much easier to get myself going – Born to Run was the first track my ipod picked out as I stumbled out of the front door and that’s a song that cannot fail to get you moving. Bruce has been a hot topic in my family this week, as my eldest brother, Davy, features on the poster for the upcoming Springsteen & I film by Ridley Scott. He’s not alone, I think there’s a few hundred fans featured, but it is pretty damn cool all the same. If ever there was a global poll of the most popular songs listened to by runners, my money is on Born to Run being right at the top. Can’t think of an obvious competitor. 

After Bruce, a bit of Gogol Bordello, MGMT and ACDC saw me round a quick 5k. I knew I wasn’t going to be out for long tonight, so I went for a bit of what the cool kids call HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Or, in plain English, running really fast for a bit, then catching your breath, running slow for a bit, and then running really fast again. As always, Runner’s World, can give you what you need on this.

Tomorrow’s run requires an early start as, weather permitting, I will be watching West Indies v South Africa in the Champions Trophy for most of the day.

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