Drawing a blank (Juneathon 17/30)

Beyond saying I completed my obligatory 3.8 mile run home tonight, there’s not much I can add. It was neither pleasant, not tortuous. I thought a bit about religion, the Big Bang and doubt versus certainty, but didn’t come up with any answers. Other than that I was pretty hungry. If I manage to untangle the meaning of life by the end of #Juneathon I will let you know.

Tonight, I checked how my total of 72 miles compared with other bloggers – there were a couple of Juneathoners who were already over 300 miles. Surely by that point they must have figured out the meaning of life, and they’re now simply running away from some awful uncovered truth?

Today’s vital statistics 

Run: 3.8 miles in 32 minutes – overall 72 miles in 10 hours

Spotted: a man so massive he filled an entire car, took me back to a strange night in Belgrade; commuters and students straggling home in the unexpected evening sun; neighbours off to the park to play football.  

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