Back in the Juneathon saddle (21/30)

Catch up time… Ran home (3.8miles) on Wednesday, total failure on Thursday, and a quick 10k tonight. Although it was disappointing to have a second blob on the Juneathon calendar, there really was no way round a no-running day on Thursday – life simply got in the way. Feel 100% better now I’ve blasted (all things are relative) a quick 10k.  It was a perfect evening to be out running, and I feel properly ready for the weekend now. 19 runs complete, 85 miles on the clock. 

Today’s vital statistics 

Run: 10k in 47m40s

Spotted: runners, lots of runners, getting their runs run before the weekend fun; some schoolkids with huge hair shouting at me, as a representative of life in general, as I jogged past; a young girl spraying her armpits at a bus-stop – who cares about horrifying strangers if the alternative is arriving at a party smelly; a flotilla of sputtering disposable barbecues alight and dotted across Roath playing fields.

Music: My closing 1k was the quickest thanks to Elvis Perkins and Doomsday. First saw him do this a few years ago at The Point in Cardiff, still brilliant. 

And though you voted for that awful man,
I would never refuse your hand…

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