Juneathon: the denouement

ImageAnd it was all going so well… After three weeks of trying to run, log and blog every day of June I was doing very well indeed by my standards. I’d spent over 12 hours running and clocked up nearly 90 miles. Then on the Sunday morning, 23rd June, I woke up with a terrible migraine – something I’d not experienced for a long, long time.

I have a strange relationship with migraines – I used to get them a lot when I was a teenager, but now I can go years between them. And when I describe them as terrible – I should explain that this doesn’t refer to pain, it doesn’t hurt at all. It starts with a blurring of peripheral vision, then everything gets a bit of a green tint, and then I need to go and lie down because in a matter of minutes I won’t be able to stand up very well. They normally take a few hours to pass. Deathly dull hours they tend to be – as I can’t see properly to read, or watch TV and the radio doesn’t really make much sense. But, when the cloud passes, it is like someone has spring-cleaned your mind. Everything appears sharper. Vision, thinking, even hearing. Weird, eh? So that’s what happened Sunday. A more superstitious person would look back on it as a moment of foreboding. What happened after that was a couple of weeks of work that I would not like to repeat, and which simply derailed any hope of finishing Juneathon as well as I’d started. There’s no question that I could have found time to run in those last few days, but once I’d missed a couple of sessions, the impetus and motivation disappeared a little.

Naturally, I was disappointed that I couldn’t quite keep it going to the end. But, looking back, it was still a really worthwhile experience. There were a few runs I simply wouldn’t have done without that added impetus. Discovering the world of hashing was worth it in its own right. The run across the sands of Rest Bay was idyllic; and the brutal, miserable runs home from work forced me to dig deep mentally and physically. 

The only good thing about the two-week lay off from running has been the let up in tightness of my IT band on my left leg. I saw the osteopath yesterday and he was very pleased with how it felt compared to last time. So, every cloud and all that. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run (I’m letting my leg settle down for today following treatment), and then I will start looking for some 10k races to give me some added reasons to get going again.

As Juneathon isn’t just about running, it is about blogging too, I will update this post later with some of the blogs I discovered and enjoyed during June. But, now, it is time for the British Lions. Come on George North and all the rest! 


Juneathon: the final totals

Runs: 20

Distance: 140km

Duration: 12hours

Total participants: 374

Total collective miles run: 5141 

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