#Janathon Day 6: the rain

Despite the best efforts of a malfunctioning car park and the wind and the rain, another 5 miles logged before work this morning. Calf muscles are starting to ask my brain what the hell is going on…

Spotted on this morning’s run: a grey, rain lashed Cardiff Bay, what January days these must have been when the trade here was coal, not ideas; the UKD Orca, 3000 tonnes of Hopper Dredger, working Cardiff Bay’s waters into navigability; yachts moored sleepily in a tight harbour, no signs of life, aside from one old man on deck braving the rain, yawning into his phone, sipping a coffee; people walking to work, clutching closed umbrellas (too windy) to their sodden sides and two fellow runners – one waved, one didn’t – looping the loop round the wet Bay flats.

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