#Janathon Day 11: stormy weather

After a weekend of eating and drinking merrily, a three hour drive home into the wind, rain and dark there are few things I wanted to do less this Sunday evening than go running. But go running I did.

Spotted on this evening’s run: very few fellow joggers braving the elements, each of us in uniform, wool hats, luminous t-shirts pulled tight over our hoodies; the emergency bright blue lights of a speeding police-car, the lack of siren adding just more urgency to its journey; and towards the end, the very eye of the storm, rain lashing sideways lit up by a dim orange streetlight, wind rattling windows and bending trees, broken branches and twigs littering the way – feeling like King Lear in shorts I embraced the raging weather and used it to power my madness, on, on, faster, faster.

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