#Janathon Day 16: the moon and a balloon

There’s never been any rhyme or reason to when I feel good running, or when I feel terrible. Or at least no pattern I can detect. So, it was welcome relief – but no great surprise – to be able to do a relatively sharp 6 miles this morning, after the grim 4 mile plod yesterday.

Spotted on this morning’s run: a thin, spiky moon and a lonely silver, deflating, birthday balloon, standing out and steady. Emblems against a world rushing to work. A plane high up enough in dawn’s dark blue Cardiff skies to reflect the first sun back down to us pedestrian specks; and a fierce stream of princely clad cyclists racing the rising, rushing Taff to the Bay.


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  1. There are so many variables in any given day that combine to make a run “good” or conspire to make it “bad”. The key is to allow yourself some “bad” ones!

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