#Janathon Day 25: the flattest race on the planet

The flattest race on the planet is how the Lliswerry 8 mile road race advertises itself, and you’re certainly hard pushed to find a hump, or a bump on the course.

This was my third time running Lliswerry, the first time was during marathon training and I wrote about it here – there’s probably not a lot I can add to that, except to say I was faster today. My official chip time was 56m39s, which I was pretty chuffed with.

I was probably spurred on by 3yr old daughter’s pep talk as we drive to the race.

Her: dad, will you be at the front, the middle, or the end of the race?
Me: probably in the middle, but nearer the front than the back.
Her: that’s because you’re slow isn’t it, dad?
Me: well, I’m slower than the really fast ones at the front, yes.
Her: have you ever won any of these races?
Me: no.
Her: that’s because you are slow.

Despite my daughter’s doubts, Lliswerry is probably the high water mark for Janathon. This was the only serious target I had for the month, and I’m glad the previous 24 days consecutive running left me with something in the tank for today. 6 more runs to go…

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